Portrait in Photography

Photography is fascinating because it captures a moment, emotions and feelings. Additionally new technologies allows to create incredible pictures. One of the most popular photographic techniques, known already in antiquity, are portraits.

Using these photographs it is possible to immortalized people and their feelings. Images are intended to induce a specific emotional state. But to obtain this is by no means easy.  Many factors has to interact with each other so that simple "snapping" turned into art. There are several types of portraits: artistic, outdoor, natural, posing, professional, amateur, reporter and psychological.

Once a portrait required prolonged exposure. Also additional lighting of the photographed person was necessary. Currently, the latest generation equipment eliminates any difficulty allowing you to create a diverse and very realistic photo session in a short time. Portraits can be made almost everywhere - outdoor, in the studio, under water or in a speeding car.

Photographer must take care of the background that determines the quality of the picture. Poorly composed background spoils the whole picture. If possible individual elements of the surrounding should be controlled. Portrait photography is not just a face, it is a story about the person, therefore it should be remembered to adapt the kind of picture to the person’s character. Classic shot puts eyes in the center. Look, therefore, should be deep and full of passion. Gaze is directed at the person who will be looking at the pictures, not at the lens.

Another important aspect is the perspective. Location of the lens depends on the kind of the picture. If we plan a normal portrait the lens should be at the level of photographer’s eyes. However, experiments such as a bird's eye perspective or photo from below are recommended. Photographs made from wide-angle lens are also becoming more popular. The opposite of this is a telephoto lens so the picture from afar.